How to become millionaire, secret of become rich and coropati

How to become millionaire

Everyone want to become rich but they unable to become rich because of awareness and discipline, today I will discuss a way so that everyone can become rich today .

I am discussing about mutual fund SIP if we will investment with discipline a small amount 1000 Rs monthly then we can become millionaire and crorepati if we will invest 1000 Rs monthly for 26 years and if we will get return 20% then it may be become 1.1 crore and our investment 3.1 lakh for 26 years I think 1000 Rs monthly is not big amount everyone can save and invest here link update you can calculate and now everyone thinking that 26 years time is very long period I can't wait but if we will not invest then after 26 years we will unable to collect that amount, 1000 Rs is not big amount it's for a coffee price in star hotel.

Mutual fund will give return as compounding interest so as soon as we can save and invest then we can achieve goal so everyone should start saving and investing from Frist month salary. You know what is our problems why we are unable to become rich then secret is that we are not save more and invest we focus only liability in place of assets and we always pospond for investment tomorrow and maximum people not invest whole life , from our earnings we should save for self not for rent, EMI ,shop etc.

For investment in mutual fund discuss your financial adviser and compare fund which is good .

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