How to earn passive income

How to earn passive income

People want to earn money with less time period due to lack of time or other reason, In this post I will tell that how can earn passive income as every one know about passive income, passive income is that In which earning we are not actively involved.

I will discuss 4 passive income source
1. YouTube
2. Affiliate marketing
3. Kindle book
4. Blog

* YouTube- 
                   youtube is a very good source of passive income you can create youtube channel and upload good video in which field you can do better just like comedy, education, fashion etc and increasing subscribers so that you can good earning you will upload a vedio and you will receive money till long time.

* Affiliate marketing-
                                      You can become affiliate marketer for good company just like flipkart, Amazon's, eBay etc, and share product if consumer will buy products you will receive commission from company.

*Publish Kindle book-
                      You can write or you can upload or publish public domain book in Amazon's Kindle book and you will receive royalty income from company , if your Kindle will be purchase by customers it is very good source of passive income.

                   You can become a good blogger and write good blog post in your blog so that maximum people will visit your site and you can earn good passive income.

All above source of passive income is very famous in all over world and all of these sources have no earning limit you can earn mazmaxi.


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