Share market basics for beginners

Guide to Share Market-

when people think about investing then firstly come idea in mind about stock market . there is nothing to scared with everyone about stock market. many news paper and news channel told about share market .but new person confused to understand about of stock market terminology but its not big issue to understand and rocket science it just a simple terms about stock market.

What is Share  market ?

In simple term we can define share market as a market place where we can buy and sell share of company or we can say that where share are traded just like supermarket we can buy and sell product , a share are buy and sell .  The share market used term as Exchange and market where equity, Bond and other type securities issued and trade.

What is a Stock exchange ? 

Stock exchange provide a set of rule for organised and regulate of buying and selling of various securities like equity ,bond etc and its provide  secure platform  for buying and selling securities a well define manner. in india two exchange available BSE(bombay exchange) and NSE)national exchange).

In india oldest BSE  establish in 1985 and NSE was established in 1992 apart from two important term Nifty and Sensex Under Nifty cover top 50 company and under Sensex cover top 30 company .

How does work share market?

when we want to participate in stock market then need to buyers and sellers is more core of the stock market because you well know without buyers and sellers no any means of any market that market may be stock market or a supermarket if you want to buy any stock then you can buy stock from secondary market or someone have already own share you can buy if someone want to sell there stock thought exchange .

basic way for trade-

: investor can instruct to their broker for number of share for buying and selling or he or she can trade through by self online by using of demat account .

How to invest in share?

for new investor stock market is very challenging for investment and equity is a normal part of every investor portfolio  but new investor also can invest and trade through maintain discipline ans set of rule and use simple concept and basic knowledge during volatility market investor should buy which product loves and think that he can run or good product for next 10-15 years it will be good you can choose those company which product you loves that company you can buy when that company find at reasonable price .

you make investment decision on the basis of fundamental of the company.

What is Type of stock?

On the basis of ownership right-

there are two types of stock on the basic of ownership
1)  Common Stock

2)  Preferred stock

on the basis of size -

On the basis of size different type of stock

1) Large cap $ 10 Billion

2) Mid cap $ 2 -10 Billion

3) Small cap $ 250 million to $ 2 Billion

4) Micro cap  Below $ 250 million

5) Nano cap Below $50 Million

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