Best demat and trading account for Beginner

Basics of Demat and Trading Account 

If you are want to investing in share market then you need to Demat account and Trading account for buy and sell of the stock, below i discussed what is demat and trading account if are new then you do not need to worry about this account it can be easily open offline or online both facility available.

What is demat account ?

Demat account is a electronic account that holds your all share in dematerialized  or electronic form. it is like as a bank account but is do not save or hold money its hold stock,Bond,ETFs etc.
it is very convenient to hold securities if you buy any stock from his trading account and you want to hold for many days or few days you need to demat account for sell stock.

How we can open demat account? 

if you want to open demat account you have to contact any brokrage firm like Upstock ,angel ,sharekhan,motilal osawal . kotak , reliancesmartmoney , samco, Zerodha etc they will help and proceed of opening demat account  and contact Sebi registered  depository participant (DP) like NSDL and CDSL  they will fill and submit  all related document.

What Is Trading Account? 

A trading account Enables to individual for buying and selling of stock it work life interface between investor bank and demat account if you will buy stock through your trading account and it will credit in demat account it will provide by your stockbroker and this account will link from your bank account of liquidity cash for buying and selling stock.

Type Of trading ?  

there are many types of trading account below mention.

1. Intraday trading
2. swing trading
3. positional Trading
4.Trend trading
5.Insider trading
6. muhurt trading
7. margin trading
8. arbitrage trading
9. trading based of technical analysis etc.

What is day trading?

day trading means all buying and selling stock trade and complete same day or within day time period before market closing as name suggest day trading, if any individual do same thing they close all position same day he called trader and for trader need active participant and quick decision making.

What is swing trading?

Swing trading is type of trading work it place a particular stage cycle for short time  and trader predict low and high  according to research and place trade swing trading is depend on the prediction of the trader.

What is Insider trading?

insider trading is illegal concept insider trading mean any person or authority who is include and leak any news for becoming reason of price movement  For stop insider trading sebi formulate rule for follow him.

What is muhurt trading?    

Muhurt trading is occasional trading it work one hours or two hours like in deewali Muhurt Trading conduct in stock market activity .Muhurt trading is believe for hindu calendar maximum business person maintain and start new account or register .

What is Margin Trading? 

margin trading means you can buy and sell stocks if you don't have full amount and your broker provide limit or exposure for purchasing suppose you have 10k and you want to buy 1000 share of any company and company share price 100 Rs according to your amount you can buy only 100 share but your broker provide 10 time margin and you can buy 1000 share. 

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